Nixie Tube Clock Kit - IN-14 DIY Desk Retro Clock with Led Lights
  • Nixie Tube Clock Kit - IN-14 DIY Desk Retro Clock with Led Lights

    SKU: nixie-tube-clock-kit

    Ready for use Nixie Tube Clock kit. You can use it AS IS or you can put this nixie board to your own case (wooden, plastic, metal, concrete etc). The clock made with using real vintage 1980's Soviet IN-14 Nixie Tubes (cold cathode display).

    This clock will looks awesome for Retro/Vintage, Steampunk, Industrial, Loft design, fallout fan etc



    • Easily replaceable light bulbs. To replace the light bulb (in case it stops working), you do not need to look for an electrician or a specialized repair company. You can buy IN-14 Nixie Tubes on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and replace it yourself, it's very simple!

    • The built-in light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the bulbs depending on the lighting in the room where the clock is placed.

    • Built-in temperature sensor shows the temperature in Fahrenheit.

    • The set includes an adapter (power supply) suitable for 110v or 220v networks.

    • Colorful lighting. The colors can change constantly or you can choose one of the 6 colors (green, yellow, red, purple, white, blue) that you prefer.

    • The set includes 4 pcs. original (used) vintage (made in the 1980s) IN-14 Nixie Tubes + 1 spare bulb.

    • Adjustable time mode (12/24 hours).